Our Mission

We are committed to cooperating in a just, worthy, harmonious way, in our town, our country and everywhere in the world because we love this world and life.

We would like to bring people together and walk with them on their path to humanity. We would love a world in which all people can and are allowed to be as they are. We would like to reactivate the parts in everyone that have partially been forgotten (e.g. universal values, love, faith,...) . Reminding people of that which they are beyond borders and cultures.

In order to reach this goal, we have created an international network of people and institutes for people.




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Areas of activity


Building a library for the following range of subjects: „Common values/ Humanity/Evolution“; Promoting everyone to participate in education and society; Further education and workshops; Creating a concept for new learning material for promoting languages at school


„The human being is an indivisible unit made of Body-Soul-Mind“; Holistic healing methods meet traditional methods


Projects to generate or improve infrastructure; Support for people to be able to look after themselves in their home country (Water supply, regenerative energy, sustainable agriculture)

Intercultural enlightenment

Creating intercultural concepts, which promote multilingualism; Intercultural communication and cross-linking intercultural practices

Music, Art, Theatre, Cultural exchange

Promote and organize cultural events; help children to have a better understanding of culture; Connect artists from different regions and cultures

Environment and Science

Use old and new scientific knowledge; Develop and implement environmentally conscious concepts



The Organization For
Reconnecting Humans e. V.
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50259 Pulheim

Register of Associations 19127
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